Each person tends to focus on different things during their time in the outdoors. My goal this year has been to really focus on the experience of my clients and not so much on capturing each moment with my camera. In the past I wanted to take as many pictures as possible so that I would have good content to post. I still post good content, but what I have given up was always striving to get more likes or followers.
That is a rat race that I have given up on and now I really focus on putting out good pictures that capture what I am all about.

What helps me with my perspective is that I keep thinking about a picture that pops up on social media periodically regarding living in the moment and not through our phones. The post in question is of a group of people watching something important and all but one individual is holding up their phones taking pictures or videos of that moment. The one that is not holding a phone is watching, absorbing, enjoying and living in that moment. The moral of this picture is to live in the moment and experience life as you should.  Each trip reminds me of this and I try to live this lesson daily.  A picture does capture a moment in time, but I find that nothing beats absorbing as much as possible and experience it fully.

Some of my favorite trips have been with families and especially with fathers and sons.  I keep thinking about my own experience with my father when I get the chance to take him fishing.  It brings me back to the days fishing the old farm pond for brook trout.  I learned a lot from him and I am forever in debt to him for those memories and lessons.  That physical chapter has now been closed as my father is in the process of selling the home and property that I grew up in.  It is bittersweet, but I know it is the best thing for him.  As I drove away for the last time I realized that it wasn’t the pictures or physical things that made this place so special.  Thoughts of early mornings cutting wood or shearing Christmas trees flooded my memories and I felt a happiness and sadness at the same time.

So focus on the important things in life and make sure that you enjoy each moment with those around you.  Each day is precious and treat it like your last.  Take the risk and learn something new and exciting.  Commit to yourself that you will not take each day for granted and live life to the fullest.  I personally think that fishing is a great way to enjoy nature and keep your focus on the real important things in life and I think everyone should give it a try.

Jon Peterson

About Jon Peterson

I grew up in the small town of Sebec, Maine, wandering in the woods exploring the natural world around me. I had always been fascinated by water and my explorations seemed to lead me to water as that was where I felt most comfortable. Through trial and error, I honed my fishing skills over the years and learned many valuable lessons along the way. In 2014 I realized my dream and became a Registered Maine Guide. For more information: